On 28 May 2024, the Court of Appeal denied two applications by 131 individuals alleged to be durian planters to (i) restrain the State Government of Pahang and its regulatory agencies from enforcing the eviction notices issued against these individuals by Director General for Land and the Director General of Forestry in the State of Pahang respectively, and (ii) to enter the affected land to seek to continue to cultivate, grow and sell durians until the appeals are determined. Justice Datuk Lee Swee Seng sitting as a single judge handed down this decision, pursuant to Section 44 (1) of the Courts of Judicature Act 1964.

While the alleged durian planters request for access was denied, Justice Datuk Lee Swee Seng has directed that the 5th Respondent, namely, the Pahang State Agricultural Development Corporation (PKPP) is to maintain the relevant durian trees and provide updates as to the condition of the trees and any sale of durians on a monthly basis until the appeals are determined.

The firm successfully represented the 6th Respondent, namely, Royal Pahang Durian Resources PKPP Sdn Bhd in opposing the said applications.

Our team on the matter include Tan Sri Dato’ Cecil Abraham, Dato’ Sunil Abraham, Noor Muzalifah Shabudin, Irwan Ismail, and Yap Jing Wen.

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